With so many competing sites and so few top spots in the search engines, the competition for high search engine placement is fierce. One way to give your website a better chance of showing up at the top of the search results is through search engine optimisation (SEO). Try implementing these simple SEO tips from Top SEO Brisbane to help your site get noticed or click here for more help…

Put People First

Many webmasters and small business owners make the mistake of designing their sites for the search engines rather than for their visitors. Unfortunately, this can backfire and wind up getting your site pushed lower in the search results. Instead, you should always think about people before search engines. By making your content as helpful as possible for your visitors, you can increase your chances of being listed well in the search results. More importantly, however, you can gain loyal visitors who return to your site over and over again.

Include Keywords in Your Content

Another SEO tip that can help get your site listed higher in the search results is to include keywords in your content. Try adding a keyword to your title and mentioning it several other times throughout your article. Be careful not to go overboard, though. Using it too often is more harmful than not using it at all.

Write Guest Blog Posts

Contact other bloggers and ask them if you can write a guest post for their blog. If they agree, it will give you a high quality link back to your website, which in turn can help it appear higher in the search results. Just be sure to create a helpful piece of content for the other blogger so that it reflects well on your business and doesn’t disappoint them.

These easy SEO tips can help your site stand out from the crowd. By finding ways to optimise your site for the search engines, you can improve your standing in the search results, helping you to get more traffic to your site.

Local SEO

If you’ve ever wondered how to rank in the Google map pack because you’ve heard that you get great leads then you’re so right. Ranking in Google maps is a potential gold mine for your local business. The algorithms for organic search and maps search are different in some respects and it pays to experiment with local ranking factors.

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