When searching out dome shelters, are you talking about the smaller, portable tents, or are you talking about the dome shelters that people set up as homes? This really intrigued me because I saw a picture of one of these homes. It appeared to have hardwood flooring, a sofa, electrical outlets and the whole nine yards. It looked like a very inexpensive setup that even puts the tiny homes to shame, but I’m not sure. What do you think?

These dome homes certainly look very interesting and appealing. This one appeared to be set up on land almost in the middle of nowhere. It makes me wonder about plumbing and what other differences you would have to concern yourself with. It says that these homes are energy efficient, at least for the type of home they are and the type of energy they use. It would be important to know what you are going to be using for an energy source.

The dome design isn’t just unique and appealing in terms of style, but the shape of the structure also has its advantages in terms of efficiency. That being said, these homes are supposed to be very good for the environment. That is the reason they can sometimes be referred to as geo-domes or shelter stations.

It was interesting to me because people talked about how these domes could help end homelessness. That is an interesting concept, and it’s a wonder that people don’t go for cheaper concepts these days. I have been thinking about that myself these last five years after I downsized to a small condo on the beach. It is nice not to have a huge house to pay for and maintain. Who can do that in today’s world on one salary?

It is certainly not easy, but these dome shelters might help even more people have affordable housing that they can count on. But exactly how dependable are these dome shelters in a storm? How durable are they over the years? Do they come with a warranty? They really do look neat set up, and I was drawn into them right away.

It all depends on what you are looking for. You aren’t going to raise a family in a dome shelter. However, there are many situations where a dome shelter out on a stretch of land might be a great idea. Families can even live on the same land in these dome shelters. So maybe you could actually raise a family in one. It would be interesting for sure.

It made me think more about the old days, and I mean the old days before our time. It also made me think about Native American reservations. Would they use this type of housing in certain areas? What about in west Texas or up in Montana? There are of course the smaller versions for camping, and these larger tent domes can be used for other purposes besides serving as a residence. What would you use a dome shelter for?

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