Whether you own a home or a business, it is important to keep the premises safe from pests. Termites for instance cause billions of dollars in property damage each year, and they can not only make your building unsafe, but make it a very unpleasant place to be, depending on the pest. It doesn’t matter if you have bed bugs or termites, a pest control service will make sure the bugs go away. Read on to learn more about some of the common pests a pest control service can eradicate.


Termites are one of the worst pests because they will eat your building until there is nothing left. These pale wingless insects love to eat wood, and they can eat through quite a bit. They especially love to eat damp wood.

The scary thing about termites is that they don’t necessarily have to have a connection to the ground. They can set up shop anywhere in your building, from the attic to the foundation. Sometimes you can tell if you have termites from their mud tunnels that look like thin tubes of dirt on the walls of your house. Other termites leave piles of feces around windowsills. If you think you have termites, you need to set up a pest inspection right away or call expert pest and building inspectors.

Bed Bugs

If you own a hotel or home, bed bugs can be a big problem, and they can make you miserable. These small black bugs feed on building and pest iinspectorsblood, and they only come out at night when you sleep, making them virtually impossible to find. Sometimes you can tell if you have an infestation because you see dead bugs around your mattress or find skin and black feces.

Bed bugs hide in your mattress, in floorboards, and they even hide in electrical outlets. These sneaky bugs can’t be killed without professional help, so you will want to find an exterminator to help you eliminate them and put you on a follow-up plan in case they come back.


Cockroaches are ugly flat winged bugs that both carry disease and love to set up shop in your kitchen making them doubly dangerous. They smell, and they aren’t safe near food. If you own a restaurant, you want to make sure that you get rid of cockroaches as soon as you find them.

Cockroaches are sneaky and can find ways to get onto your property that you wouldn’t even think of. They can come in through the sewer pipes and your vents. They multiply quickly, and they are difficult to kill without professional help because over the counter insecticides don’t kill the eggs, meaning you can never truly get rid of them.

Pests put your property at risk, and they are a health hazard as well. Insurance policies don’t cover termite damage, so you want to find termites early. A pest control company will inspect your property on a regular basis to make sure that it stays safe and pest free.