The Benefits of Responsive Web Design

In 2016 nearly everyone on the planet has a mobile phone, and a huge number of people have smartphones. With this growth in the uptake of mobile computing devices has come a growing demand for responsive web design.

Responsive web design involves laying out and coding a website so that it provides an optimal viewing experience across a wide range of devices.

The following are the top 8 benefits of responsive web design

1. Higher Rankings On Search Engines

Business owners usually create websites to be found by buyers and get traffic, leads, and conversions. This priority is a necessity for every business owner. If your website features responsive design, you never have to create a different version just for mobile devices. With just a single strategic URL, you receive a boost your Search Engine rankings.

2. Enhanced Sales & Revenues

With just a single version of your website, you can provide a more consistent feel of the user experience. This means that any visitor to your website can view your website comfortably and stay much longer. The longer the visitor stays on your website, the higher the probability of him or her converting to lead or a sale.

3. Better User Experience

If you currently enjoy a good amount of traffic and revenue, you can only imagine the boost in traffic and revenue that responsive design will bring to your website. The blog posts and web pages on your website will enjoy a rise in organic traffic due to responsive design. With more satisfied customers come more sales and revenues.

4. Saving Time Using Google Analytics

In case you have multiple variants of your website that you are tracking in Google Analytics, think about all the money and time you will save by condensing it all into a single report. A single version of your website means cutting down on tracking visitors. Quicker monitoring helps you save time that you can use for other better things.

5. Saving Money On Mobile Development

You can save a great deal of time and money by having just one responsive website design. You save time and money used that you would have invested create mobile versions of your website. The resources you save can go into other important aspects such as the creation of new content, building, and optimization of campaigns, etc. You will be surprised at how powerful responsive design is for business.

6. No More Duplicate Content Penalties

You might not know this, but Google penalizes you for having all those multiple variants of your website. The content on those websites is duplicated repeatedly on your main website. The penalties make you appear ‘spammy’ to Google, and this hurts your rankings. Responsive web design gets rid of the need for duplicate content.

7. Enhanced Offline Browsing

Most tablets and smartphones are HTML5 enabled. This means that they have the ability to browse offline. With this, users can read email newsletters in HTML5. This is great especially if the user has no internet connection.

8. Staying Ahead Of Your Competition

Most people still consider responsive web design as ‘new’. The vast majority of websites do not feature responsive design. Simply switching over to responsive design can help you stay ahead of your competitors. Many webmasters and business owners consider the technology as ‘new’ and are therefore uncomfortable investing in it. Also, Google has started penalizing websites that are not mobile responsive. Therefore, while your competitors get lower rankings due to lack of responsive design, you will be reaping big.

In conclusion, this article has looked at the top 8 benefits of having responsive web design. Now that you understand these benefits, it is now time to make your website design responsive.